I personally want to thank you for viewing the Power Shelf website. I know your time is valuable and I truly appreciate you and your time. As you look over our site you will realize that the Power Shelf options are endless. Then you will think of where you could use a few. The Power Shelf can be used in every household for everyday electronic organization.

The Power Shelf can be used by every hobbyist from those who tinker in the garage or woodshop to those who are crafters or scrapbookers. The Power Shelf can be used in every type of business small or large.

From office organization, warehouse organization and plant production area organization. Everyone could use more than just one!

Remember when you’re asked “What is a Power Shelf?” The best answer is “The Power Shelf is THE answer to all your electronic organizational needs!”

Thank you again,

Lynn Fetzer-Westmeister
Power Shelf Inventor / CEO of the Power Shelf


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