The Power Shelf is changing the way we think of the common outlet and use the common outlet. Power Shelf products replace your existing outlet cover with a model that helps organize the everyday clutter from rechargeable electronics. With the Power Shelf the outlet can now serve a greater purpose.

Installation is easy! Simply remove your existing outlet cover and replace it with a new innovative Power Shelf outlet cover. The Power Shelf will help eliminate misplacing chargers and the tangled mess of power cords around the house or at the office!

The tapered design allows for cell phones or other handheld electronic charging cords to wrap around the tapered shelf base, keeping them organized while providing a location for your item to be stored while being charged.

The Power Shelf is proudly made in the USA from domestic recycled 18 gauge steel and painted with environmentally friendly powder coating.

We have products that work great for cell phones, iPods, PSP, Nintendo DS, digital cameras, laptops, baby monitors, extension cords, cordless drills, candle warmers and virtually any hand held electronics. Power Shelf products are the perfect solution for children and adults.

At Power Shelf we are constantly designing and releasing revolutionary new products that strive to make your life easier and more organized!